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David Jones - May 19, 2019

Habakkuk: Waiting on God

Habakkuk 2

From Series: "Habakkuk: The Lost Language of Lament"

What would you ask if you could have a Q&A with God? Are there questions to which you want answers…but are too afraid to ask? The Bible doesn’t censor your questions. It asks them for you. In fact, the Old Testament is filled with complaints to God about injustice and suffering and bears witness to the fact that “faith takes the promises of God seriously enough to be unafraid of lament”. Nowhere is this more apparent than the book of Habukkuk. Habukkuk was a prophet who brought his feisty and anguished questions to God, and in doing so moved from questioning to waiting to listening and…ultimately…to rejoicing in the God who keeps His promises. Join us as we explore the lost language of lament.

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