A supportive environment where they are known and loved.

GraceTeens is our church’s ministry to middle and high school students! Our vision is for every teen in Silicon Valley to experience the grace, hope, and purpose of the gospel firsthand, in a supportive environment where they are known and deeply cared for. We aim to foster a community of families, leaders, and students, growing together in our love for God, for our neighbors, and for those in need…with plenty of fun-filled events along the way!

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Reach Out

Sunday Study

Join us at our Sunday Study to build community, share lunch and games, and dive into God’s Word.


Find a grown-up that you can count on. Meet up for boba or a bike ride with one of our leaders!


We want our teens to belong as well as to believe. Hang out with GraceTeens on the weekends for fun events led by our volunteers!


Get away with GraceTeens on our annual retreats! Hit the beach or hit the slopes to make memories that will last a lifetime.