Thank you for taking the few extra minutes to arrive at church early and parking in a way that shows care and consideration for our neighbors.

Our Church Building

Curbside Parking

Visitors and congregants with mobility challenges are welcome to use parking adjacent to the church facility. Please reserve the limited parking spots available curbside for visitors and congregants who require proximity to attend services.


A drop-off area is available adjacent to the church along Bryant Street.

Spaces Nearby

High Street Parking

Free parking is available on High Street along Jerry Bowden Park, three blocks from our church home.

Downtown Cal Ave

For congregants planning to grab brunch or to visit the local farmer’s market after church, Downtown Cal Ave provides an abundance of parking options and a convenient underground pedestrian walkway connecting the downtown area to the church’s neighborhood. Free parking is available along Cal Ave and at the multi-level parking garage located at 350 Sherman Ave.

Additional Options


Our church home is located just five blocks from the California Avenue CalTrain Station. Please take a look at the Weekend Timetable for the current train schedule. 


For those planning to bike to church on Sunday, racks to secure bikes are available near the exterior entrance to the Fellowship Hall.