Join our Grace Family

Wherever you are in your journey towards belonging and belief, we’d love to walk alongside you as you take one more step towards God’s Church.

The Church, of course, isn’t defined by walls and columns. Rather, it’s a living, breathing family, ever-growing around God, our father, and his son, Jesus Christ. Read on to learn more about joining that family here at Grace: the sacraments and systems that we use to welcome new members into our household. 

Intro to Grace

Whether you’re new to Grace or you’ve attended for years, we’d love to become better acquainted—to share more about our church’s mission, history, ministry, and structure. Pull up a chair for a day of class with our pastors and other church attendees, and feel free to bring your questions and stories to the table. We’d love to know you, and we’d love for you to know us! This course is also the first step towards formal membership. Take a look at our upcoming Intro to Grace classes on Church Center


If you’d like to become a formal member of our church, we’d love to welcome you into our family. Learn more about our guiding beliefs at our quarterly Intro to Grace classes before sitting down with one of our pastors or elders to talk more—sharing your story, discussing our church’s beliefs, and answering any questions that you may have about Grace’s workings and direction.

Here at Grace, all members must make a public profession of faith in Christ Jesus and take a set of membership vows to serve his Church. Contact our elders to complete a formal application, as well as to find a time to sit down and share with one another. 


Maybe you’re a new believer in the Gospel, and you’re excited to profess your faith in Christ Jesus. Maybe you’ve known the Good News for years, but you’ve never had the chance to formally declare your beliefs. Maybe you’ve welcomed a new member into your family, and you’re rejoicing in God’s plan for their salvation. If this describes you, we would love to gather together, to support and celebrate your belonging in the kingdom.

At Grace, we baptize followers of all ages: for our little ones, we’re blessed to share in God’s covenant provision for you and your family. And, for believers young and old, we’re thrilled to rejoice in your profession of faith in Christ Jesus! Reach out to our pastors to talk, pray, and learn more.