“I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.”

John 15:15

Jesus is a really good friend. Somehow I’ve not thought about that since I was a little girl in Sunday school learning that Jesus wants to be my special friend. He is that friend that does everything a friend should do and more. 

I tend to expect too much from my friends and too little from Friend Jesus. I want them to read my thoughts and know what I wish I could say, if only I could assemble my words and point them in the right direction. But Jesus knows what I want to say, and the worry underneath it that I’ll never share. 

I want my friends to anticipate my needs, to know whether I need a warm look, a hot meal, a listening ear, or a night at the movies. But  Jesus knows what I need today. I’m sure I need more time to cram in more things. He knows I just need to be with Him, both in quiet, alone moments, and in the midday craziness. I need His sustenance for absolutely everything I’m trying to do today – resolving my kids’ conflicts every 5 minutes, taming my anger, breathing in and out.  

I want my friends to go further than I know is reasonable. They have their own full lives, but I want them to sit with me in urgent care for as long as it takes, or even ask about my marriage again so we can go over all of the details one more time. But Jesus goes much further than is reasonable, or sane. He stays with me through my 7-year-old throwing an amazingly terrible tantrum, even though she’s too old for it. He doesn’t get annoyed. His emotional resources and insight reach through that chaos. 

Friend Jesus comes to all of my son’s little league games to sit in the bleachers. He doesn’t hold back healing truth because it might hurt my feelings, because he knows how to say it and when. He’ll even go with me to Costco, on a Saturday if necessary. 

When I take pictures, He wants to look at all of them. He never rolls his eyes. When I don’t workout, He doesn’t tell on me. When I feel shame that I can’t understand, for longer than make sense, for reasons that don’t add up, He has felt that very same thing. He deeply knows what it feels like to be human.

When I pay absolutely no attention to Him for days, for weeks, He just keeps being part of every trip I take, every dish I wash, every text I send, every meal I serve. He doesn’t leave when I ignore Him. He doesn’t go find another friend and then I see them together on Facebook hanging out. 

He’s been through the very worst – blame, accusations, insults, He wasn’t appreciated or listened to. So He’s not scared off by my fumbling ways. He doesn’t hurry me to get over it, He walks me through it and whispers promises in my ear – and then He keeps them! 

“Can we find a friend so faithful, Who will all our sorrows share?
 Jesus knows our every weakness, Take it to the Lord in prayer.”